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Quality improvement and care governance


Accreditation Made Easy

We work with you to develop reporting frameworks which include the mandatory reports. Our processes streamline data and includes the data set for the National Quality Indicator Program.
Updating evidence-based practice guidelines. Provide care planning and evaluation tools

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Customer Service

We work with the action teams, selected from your staff, to solve problems identified by staff. Using tried and tested quality management tools, we work with staff to re-design care.We coach action team member to implement changes to care and administration processes as they support their colleagues in improving customer service delivery.

Valued Based Communication


We coach management teams, giving them the skills to implement quality and safety management systems. We write quality, safety and risk management processes and update procedures to align with clinical standards, specifically the Single Quality Framework. We also conduct internal audits and evaluate the effectiveness of current processes and provide you with an improvement plan.

Care Governance and Reporting


We coach staff to use the “Voice of the Customer Model” enabling aged care and disability services to have an active dialogue with their clients on developing a shared vision for care and well-being. We train staff in communication skills which assist them to compassionately engage with clients and their families.


Change Management-Quality Improvement

Values based communication helps us to reframe how we express ourselves and how we hear others. We give staff the tools to deal with difficult situations and communicate with clients who have challenging behaviours.