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Advanced Risk Management

In times of change and volatility, having a solid risk management process is very important.  We provide practical hands-on tools which can be used by managers and staff across the business to both plan the management of future risks as well as giving staff tools that can be used in work place and care environment.  You will learn to:


  • assess risks in all areas of the business
  • implement and test risk controls as part of the internal audit program
  • develop a risk mitigation budget that is linked to planned risk mitigation activities.



Advanced Risk Management

    • Workshop on risk management for senior managers includes risk maturity assessment
    • How to design and test risk controls as part of the internal audit cycle
    • Procedures and templates for risk management in aged care and NDIS sectors
    • Complete risk register populated with information required for your business and aligned to requirements of SQF and NDIS standards
    • Tools/information sheet for staff – 5 steps to effective risk assessment.
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