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Aged care management software

Aged Care Management Software: What to consider before buying

Care management software used by providers in aged care is one of the key tools that drives health assessment and care planning. As well as care management software, providers are likely to be using different software programs for rostering, payroll, quality and safety management including incident and complaints management. Often, there is limited interoperability between software programs, meaning that the software programs do not “talk to each other.” As well as being time consuming and presenting difficulties in information management, having multiple software systems in use, can lead to a significant impact on the quality and safety of care due to the disruption in the flow of information.

Purchasing Care Management Software

There are a wide range of clinical/care management software programs on the market. For software developers, there are few barriers to entry to this market, so we are seeing a lot of new entrants to this space.

When purchasing care management software, some points that could be considered include:

1. Does the software facilitate secure messaging?

Secure data transfer and messaging - ensuring the software is aligned with the requirements of HL7, international standards in secure health data transfer. This means that the software developers have followed the codes and software architecture required by the HL7 standards.

2. Standard naming conventions

What we call thing does matter, so it is important that the software porgram uses a standard naming convention. For example, SNOMED is a standard nomenclature/naming convention used in healthcare data dictionaries. SNOMED CT is a systematically organised computer processable, collection of medical terms providing codes, terms, synonyms, and definitions used in clinical documentation and reporting. SNOMED is considered the most comprehensive multilingual clinical healthcare terminology globally.

3. Is the software compliant with ISO 27000?

Software that complies with this international standard will optimise data security and reduce the risk of cyberattack.

4. Does the software use evidence-based practice guidelines to inform the health assessment processes?

If in use, are the evidence-based practice guidelines up to date?

5. Does the care management software have the capability to integrate with My Health Record?

An aged care provider can register with the Australian Digital Health Authority as a provider. The aged care provider can then, with the consent of the client, obtain limited read only access to a client's My Health Record.

6. Capability for data transfer for mandatory reporting

Providers put a lot of time and energy into reporting. Software that automates reporting will save you time and money.

7. Interoperability

Interoperability is an important consideration when purchasing software. To expand the number of functions which can be completed electronically, e.g. medication management, you will want operational software which is able to 'speak' to other platforms. This may include linking to medical devices and equipment, giving providers data which will help them provide improved services to older people.

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We assist providers with task analysis and workflow design prior to implementing software.

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