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Be audit ready at any time- gap analysis and quality assurance reports.

HBS Workshops

Audits can be a nerve-wracking experience. Gaps in processes noted at the audit can also lead to a significant amount of work to be completed if non-conformances are raised.

Preparation is the key to an easy path through accreditation audits.

At Health Business Solutions, we offer workshops for aged and home care providers, giving you practical steps that you can take to be audit ready. The tools we give you can also be used to prepare for audits where service delivery is geographically disbursed across multiple sites.

Communication, both written and verbal is critical to audit success. We will take you through how you can:

  • use technology to share information in a way that can be easily understood.

  • engage staff in preparing for audits.

  • plan for unannounced visits.

You will also be given practical tools to help you:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities and allocate topics to each member of the team using RACI matrix (responsibility, accountability, communication, inform)

  • Prepare an audit ready folder for each operational area, we include an audit questions cheat sheet which links to the single quality framework.

  • Set up a dummy-files for staff to become familiar with the flow of information.

  • Get tips on compiling reports and makes graphs that trend date.

  • Make visual communications plans that can be used for multi-site audits.

  • Use electronic chat rooms, shared electronic white boards and other remote communication tools.

  • Develop processes for updating plans and registers and assessing if corrective actions have been completed effectively.

  • Easy ways to conduct internal review of consumer files- including key word searches and tracer method review.

  • Tools which help you monitor care delivery.

Our presentation includes tips and traps to consider when preparing for regulatory accreditation audits. The presentation includes how to collect data and format reports in a way that links to the requirements of the Single Quality Framework. There will be time for an extended Q&A within that presentation so that attendees can share experiences and share lessons learnt.

Attendees will come away from this session understanding how to prepare for audits, how to communicate and support staff prior to the audit and how to present information during the audit.

By effective preparation and easier communication with the auditors, the staff will be audit ready, anytime.

Contact us to find out more about how Health Business Solutions can get your organisation audit-ready.

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