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Applications for new and existing aged care and disability providers.

As new providers entering the aged care sector you must be an approved aged care provider before you commence services. Ensuring all required documents, and there are a lot of them, are submitted with your initial application, will save you time and effort.

There are a number of legislation and statutory requirements which aged care applicants must consider and these include The Aged Care Act, privacy and confidentiality legislation, and the Single Quality Framework (aged care standards).

The application process to become an aged care provider requires that you provide information relating to:

  • Financial status of your business

  • Business insurance

  • Communications plans

  • Evidence of experience in delivery of care services

  • Qualifications, skills and experience of key people in the organisation, including their experience in aged care services

  • Processes to give budget summary to consumers

  • A documented quality management system which includes procedures and processes that meet the requirements of the quality standards.

The application also requires that you list the key personnel and detail their qualifications and specific work experience in the aged care sector as it substantiates the ability to provide aged care services.

The application takes several months to be processed and there may be requests for additional information which must be provided within two weeks of the request for information being received. When your information is sent to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission they then have 90 days to consider the additional your information. There may be delayed beyond the 90 days that are stated as the response time, and it requires patience and communication with the commission to keep track the status of the application.

Health business Solutions works with new and existing providers to assist you to submit a comprehensive application that includes details on the key areas that are required as part of the application process. For more information contact HBS today to discuss your business requirements.

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