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Aged care sector analysis and planning

Aged care sector analysis and planning

Horizon Scanning and Strategic Planning

Be ready for the changes in the aged care sector and understand how legislative and statutory changes will impact the aged care sector.

Horizon scans and sector analysis will give you information about the driver and factors that are contributing to changes in the aged care, health and human services sectors. This will help your organisation to be ready for change.

As part of our data review process at HBS, we analyse data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics, the Dept' of Health and compare date from countries overseas who have similar demographic profiles. We focus on data relating to special needs groups within the community of older Australians.

We also review the professional registry data, that list categories of surgical and medical treatments that have been completed in Australia, for example, tracking the volume of joint replacements can give an understanding of the need for rehabilitation services.

As part of strategic planning process offered by HBS, we help your organisation to understand:

  • the competitive environment in which you operate

  • changes in legislative and statutory compliance and how your service may need to change to ensure compliance

  • environmental issues that impact service delivery- this can include shortage of different types of products

  • how technology can help you deliver better services

  • social factors such as demand for services from particular cultural groups

  • demographics and patterns of migration

As part the planning process we actively engage with the senior management team, we consult with your team and use survey tools to get their feedback.

We develop strategic plans that consider all functional areas of the business and detailed implementation plans listing actions to be taken by each department/functional area. We also list the measures and reports that are linked to each action and we can set up an action tracker spreadsheet to assist managers to monitor the status of actions.

For more information contact HBS today to discuss your business requirements.

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